Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Pexa appointed UK distributor for Eco-Dec SA

Pexa Ltd, supplier of high technology materials to the aerospace and defence industries, is pleased to announce its’ appointment as the official UK distributor for Eco-Dec SA solvent recyclers. The Yorkshire based firm will be offering all 4 of the models available from the pioneering Belgian company.

Winners of the gold medal award for product innovation at the ‘Salon International des Inventions’ 2007, Eco-Dec’s product range eliminates the problems of waste solvent removal and storage using a unique recycling and distilling process, resulting in a pure and reusable solution. The bagless system reduces its environmental impact further by recycling the water used within the water cooling process and therefore cutting electricity costs.

Of all the advantages this product boasts, the most attractive has to be the fast return on investment, as its usage means solvent can become a one off purchase. Typically, payback periods are less than a year from purchase

Managing Director of Pexa, Jim Rowbotham, is optimistic about the future of this partnership saying, “Pexa is very involved in sustainable technologies and most of our new initiatives are based on environmentally beneficial products. The Eco Dec line fits in perfectly with those objectives; not only does it drastically reduce waste and solvent consumption but the payback is so fast that for our customers it is a brilliant investment”.
The product is available in 4 sizes with capacities of 20l, 50l, 150l and 500l, all of which are made of stainless steel and are explosion proof.

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