Monday, 3 October 2011

Pexa's online investments take off

Pexa Ltd, the leading supplier of high tech surface finishing materials to the aerospace and other industries has just completed a program of upgrades to its e-platforms and enhancements to its corporate branding.

These latest projects are part of Pexa’s strategic investment plans which has seen long term established growth for the business. Pexa aims to be the distributor of choice for industry leading product manufacturers and this combination of real and virtual marketing tools puts them ahead of the field in their sector.

Pexa’s online presence includes new websites at and, together with its online store New features within the site include a REACH database, a resource centre where useful industry tools are located and direct access to its key suppliers’ websites to provide a portal for technical product information to be accessed in its official and up to date format. In addition at Pexa houses its remote consignment stock management capability that allows stocks at customer sites to be automatically updated and replenished using bar code readers.

“This system allows us to monitor stocks at customer premises and replenish them on a JIT basis with full access to approved users, so all parties can see what stock is available and on order”, said Mark Thompson, Pexa’s UK Sales Manager.

Marketing and pr strategies have also extended Pexa’s social networking presence with a blog, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages. “Pexa wants its customers and stakeholders to be able to meet us through whatever channel suits them” says Jim Rowbotham, Pexa’s Managing Director, “We are a young company and we try be early adopters of communications advances”.

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