Monday, 18 February 2013

Pexa launches the BASF RELEST® Wind Turbine Repair Coatings System in the UK

Pexa, the specialist supplier of surface finishing materials to the energy and other high tech markets is excited to announce the launch of the BASF RELEST® Wind system for the coating of wind turbine blades. The UK market for wind turbine installations will expand rapidly over the next 10 years and Pexa and BASF are helping to create the supply chain which will support the UK’s production and maintenance of wind turbine blades.

BASF has invested heavily in developing this technology, which combines extreme durability with ease of application. BASF has its own whirling arm erosion test facility where paints and coatings are developed to resist the high levels of erosion encountered on fast moving turbine blade tips. The coatings system includes aerodynamic filler, gel coat and finish coat to faithfully reproduce the factory finish in the field.
BASF’s RELEST® Wind coatings are widely approved by major wind turbine manufacturers around the World and have the important GL Certification required by the industry.

Pexa will concentrate on developing local approvals with the UK based wind turbine industry, training & certifying operators and contractors to apply the system at any of the key operational stages. Pexa has created a new website at which is an excellent resource for those interested in this subject. Pexa’s distribution network will ensure that the product system can be delivered in time to anywhere in the UK & Ireland. Pexa is a specialist in surface coatings and will provide full technical product support.

“One of the most exciting features of the RELEST® Wind system is the RepKit”, said Jim Rowbotham, M.D. of Pexa. “This is an aluminium box specially selected to contain all the products necessary to effect a repair to the blade coating in situ. The RepKit is a fully UN approved portable container which allows a contractor to carry all products and consumables needed to any location on land or at sea”.

Uwe Pinzer of BASF said, “The UK wind market will be very dynamic over the next few years as the UK develops its renewable energy capacity. The RELEST® Wind system represents a key investment for BASF and reflects our position as a leader in emerging new technologies. We are confident that Pexa can deliver our technology and provide an excellent service to our customers in the UK and Ireland. ”

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