Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Pexa and BASF start up the Relest wind turbine blade Training School

The Maintenance and Repair of wind turbine blades in service is a key element in achieving maximum performance over the 20+ years life of the equipment.

The aerodynamic properties of a new blade need to be retained for it to work as intended and BASF have introduced their Relest® coating system to do just that.

Rather than rely on the materials alone, this is a completely defined process from initial assessment through to preparation and application with inspection that delivers the best possible outcome in respect of long term performance. All surface preparation equipment and disposables are specified and the BASF materials are packaged to make them practical when working at height.

The final element was provided when the first Contractor attended the Training school in Oldenburg, Germany and completed every single stage of the process. Ropetask Ltd from Wednesbury in the West Midlands sent a number of technicians including their MD Haydn Gamble on the course so that they could gain a full appreciation of the entire process.

Haydn has a long and distinguished track record in rope access and is level 3 IRATA qualified , he said “ We have been looking for a course that combines detailed instruction with a system that is independently approved rather than just a general repair course. The BASF Relest system is just that and has Germanischer Lloyd (GL) certification and a UK based Distributor in Pexa Ltd who have been leading the way forward. We have now completed our training and found it to be highly professional”.

Jim Rowbotham MD at Pexa is pleased with their progress in this important energy market “Wind power is set to become a significant contributor to the energy needs of the UK and a key element is reducing costs so that it competes with more traditional alternatives. It will do so by achieving a 40% reduction in total life costs and keeping the blades in good condition even when battered by rain and hail at 100 meters per second is a major factor in this. “

The UK wind energy market is set to expand quickly creating significant new employment as major new investment in manufacturing plants and maintenance operations expand to meet the increased demand.

Pexa has a solid history in the Aerospace industry and specialises in helping to provide a full service package to their customers.

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